Building a New Farm
One of the first things to consider when starting a new farm is deciding not only how big your new farm might be, but where to place the farm in which it would make sense. Depending on how large you would like to be, we try to start out with an area of which a hobby farm will fit easily, and as you progress into being larger consider letting your deer pay for any growth after your initial investment.
Other Considerations

  Other considerations may be how many interior pens at first you would like. Six is a great number to think about. Putting runways between you pens allowing for good movement from pen to pen which enables you to be ready to move your deer periodically for various reasons throughout the year. It also keeps your  breeding bucks from coming face to face during the breeding season.
Other considerations are things like: will there be a handling facility in the future, and if so where will it be located. You may want to consider the bringing and taking deer from your farm, as well as where will the does be during fawning. All these things will be of great importance when considering how and where to place your new farm.
Click on the bottom right picture for an example of a pen layout.
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Deer Farm
Materials & Equipment
Materials can quickly and easily be determined after the basic outline of your farm is done. How you can move your deer from one area to another and the ability to sort along the way is imperitive to building your new farm.
Posted on Sept. 6, 2010 by Randy Wall
Updated 2/23/2011